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Придбайте вишивку в Коломиї

Propose, organize, realize

Every traveler, making a trip, hopes to meet something unknown, striking and unforgettable. In the whirl of civilization or at the more distant nooks, in every country, at every continent there are places like these. 

The Carpathians are called places of heaven. Here, among the ancient forests and blossoming mountain valleys, stormy rivers and murmuring streams rainbow designs, wonderful melodies of violins and cymbals there is a little country – Hutsuland.  Someone, who had ever been in this picturesque place would want to go there more and more times.

Fil’varok nad Hukom invites you to plunge in the mysterious world of  mountain legends and narrations, face the primordial beauty of the nature, touch the silver old times and at the same time be at the real present time closely tied with ancient times.

  • the rest at the river bank, bathing in the silver waterfalls;
  • observation horses walks;
  • walking along the forest paths, during that you will bw able to gather real mushrooms, berries and medical plants;
  • fishing;
  • bicycling ;
  • excursions to the picturesque Carpathians' waterfalls;


  • to the mountain valley Rosohata (791м.) in village Sheshory, during that you will be able to see how real hutsul brynza ( sheeps's milk cheese) is made;
  • to the mountain range Brusnyi (960 м), from here you can see the panorama of Sheshory and surrounding villages;
  • to the mountain Petrichila ( v. Sheshory), which is famous by its beauty;
  • to the Dovbush's cave (v. Sheshory);
  • to the mysterious lake Lebedyn, wraped by legends, depth of which is still unknown;
  • excursion to the Depicted Stone ( stone block as long as 100 m. and 20 m. high);
  • excursion to the Sokil's'ka rock (its high is 100 m., its length is 250 m.), the waterfall Sykavka and river Cheremosh are situated near it;
  • exclusive excursion to the Ternoshorsk rock sanctuary (4000 BC, the height of the rocks are  40 m.) ;
  • history - regional excursion ,, By Dovbysh's paths” in the v. Kosmach, during which you'll visit the unique museum arranged in the O. Dovbysh's house. You'll listen to the exciting story, legend, traditional belief about each exhibit in the museum from the exciting host M. Didyshyn, visit  memorable places, connected with the life of the legendary opryshok;
  • excursion to the monument of architecture, one of the oldest churches in Hutsul'shchyna, the church Uspinnia Bogorodytsi (1600 y.), and the healing source;
  • excursion to the town Kosiv, which is long before famous by its market – the real town of the national masters – skilled craftsmen, you'll be able to see and buy their author works only there;
  • "The Carpathian Gold Ring" – the route, which only in one day open the beauty and greatness of the Ukrainian Carpathians (t. Kolomyia, t. Yaremche, t. Vorohta, s.t. Verkhovyna, v. Kryvorivnia, mountain pass Bykovets', v. Yavoriv, t. Kosiv). It'll show You the architecture and notable places in this region. During the trip You'll visit history - regional museums , house - Grazhda (the ancient hutsuls' house);
  • for the extreme lovers  (by the previous agreement) –  the organization of the rafting on the mountain river Chornyi Cheremosh: v. Zelene – t. Verkhovyna ( 1 day),  t. Verkhovyna – t. Vyzhnytsia (2 days), the rafting on the Dniester's canyon;
  • masterclasses in the artistic wood and ceramics working, braiding of wickers, painting Easter eggs, braiding of beads , making Christmas straw decorations (by the previous agreements);
  • in winter time: sledging, skiing, snowboarding, tubing. In some kilometers from the hotel there is an active alpine route, its length is 800 meters. Three skiing tracks: their length are 700, 800, 1500 (m.)). The tracks of medium level of difficulty and for the beginners, hire of the ski equipment, services of the experienced trainers – instructors;
  • the real winter tale for children will be the trip to St. Nicholaus's Estate (v. Pistyn'), where they'll see this magician by their own eyes, look at his post and bedroom. They'll try to make an interesting toy by themselves at the Christmas-New Year Toys festival (18-19 of December);
  • Nativity Plays, Christmas carols'll and Shchedrivkas invite you to the wold of Christmas mystery and fairy, at the Melankas' parade (14 January, v. Pistyn') You'll see hutsuls' wit and humour. We invite you to Jordan ice-places on the 18-20 of January;
    conferences, holly suppers, competitions and entertainments;
  • exclusive proposals ( celebration on the river bank with an aftertaste of hearth escorting by live music, romantic surprises…).

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